Private Label Concealer Sticks

Are you bothered by skin blemishes and or discolouration? Looking for the perfect product to help cover it all!? Introducing Nature’s Own Cosmetics Concealer Stick. Suitable to all skin type. Our light weight hydrating formula not only conceals, but does not wear off overtime with its long lasting finish making it the best under eye concealer on the market!
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Break outs, blemishes, discolouration? Insecurities about your skins completion that you’d like to hide? Introducing Nature’s Own Cosmetics Full Coverage Concealer Stick. Our light weight full coverage concealer is the perfect product to conceal all your skins imperfections! Our unique formula is infused with Seed Oil which helps target any deficiencies your skin might have. With its amazing properties Seed Oil helps to not only moisturize your skin, but will help heal acne and blemishes, reducing large pores, while also decreasing the appearance of scars. This unique formula also works to brighten your completion, making it the best full coverage concealer for someone with dark under eyes. This universal product is good for all skin types, even someone with the most sensitive of skin! Our Full Coverage Concealer Stick is formulated with moisturizing ingredients to help prevent it from flaking and or creasing overtime for the best stay all day finish!


Concealer Stick & Spot Corrector 


Our formula not only is great as an under eye concealer, but can also be used as an all over full face concealer and or spot corrector. Available in 20+ universal shades for any completion, while also including a few colour correcting shades as well.


White Label Concealer Stick Packaging


Packaged in our sleek matte black packaging for a professional look. This product will be one of the staple items in your makeup routine!

For best application apply the amount desired to the location you’re looking to conceal and blend into your skin, making sure you warm the product up before applying for more of a creamier application. For fuller coverage apply and pat with your finger, or for a more medium to sheer coverage apply and blend with a brush or sponge. Please note that when applying our Full Coverage Concealer Stick to the area you’re looking to conceal, do not apply and bend into the skin in circular motions. Blending with an up and down patting motion will make it the best way to apply our product for the most coverage possible!


White Label Concealer Stick

Our Full Coverage Concealer stick pairs perfectly with any of our other face products like our HD Canvas Primer, HD Liquid Foundation and our HD Dual Wet and Dry Pressed Powder for the perfect finish and flawless look!

Please note that this amazing product is also available in a customizable palette and wheel that is also available for Private Label and perfect for any makeup kit! Order yours today!

Concealer Sticks FAQs
Do you have a matching shade in your HD Foundation or any other face products?

Yes, all of our face product have corresponding shades across our line making it easy for customers to know that product and shade is best for them! Please see our colour chart to find the perfect match...

Will this product make me break out?

No this product is formulation to not clog your pores, and prevent break outs.

Can this product be used only on the face?

No our Full Coverage Concealer Stick is made for both the face and body, making it the best full coverage concealer stick on the market.

Is there a scent to this product?

No, there is no scent to this product.

Does this product include parabens?

No, our Full Coverage Concealer Stick is formulated without the use of parabens and animals by products.

Is this product tested on animals?

No, all the products Nature’s Own Cosmetics manufacturers are not tested on animals.

Where is this concealer stick manufactured?

All the products shown on Nature’s Own Cosmetics website are manufactured in their facilities in Toronto, Canada. The raw materials and ingredients that are used in each formula are also all sources within...