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There is nothing worse than your makeup oxidizing, your makeup transferring on that new shirt you got or your skin getting oily in the middle of the day and ruining your makeup that you worked so hard on! Not to mention when taking a picture and you have a shin on your skin. The best solution to that is our Translucent Pressed Powder! Our Translucent Pressed Powder is a lifesaver and can be used in so many different ways! It truly is an extraordinary product.
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Are you looking for a multi-purpose product that can diminish oil, mattify your skin, and keep your makeup lasting all day and all night? Look no further because our Translucent Pressed Powder is exactly what you need!

Our Translucent Pressed Powder is natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan! It also helps minimize your pores and gives you a natural matte finish.

How to use translucent powder?

After you have applied your cream or liquid products such as foundation or concealer you will need to set it to make sure it stays and lasts all day.

Use a powder brush, swirl into the translucent powder and tap off any excess.

Apply it all over the face mainly focusing on your oily areas (forehead, nose, chin, etc)

You can also you a sponge, press the sponge into the pressed powder, and apply it directly to the face.

Tips and Tricks:

There are so many different ways you can use our Translucent Pressed Powder:

  1. You can apply it on a bare face! If you have oily skin and would like to mattify it, simply apply our Translucent Pressed Powder and you will see no oils!
  2. You can touch it up throughout the day, if you find your makeup is starting to break through just apply some of the powder and it will make it look as good as new.
  3. Once you have applied the translucent powder top it off with our Set it N’ Forget It Makeup Setting Spray for all-day wear!
  4. You can use the “baking” method, on areas where you want to really have the powder sink in to give the most flawless finish and defined face ever. Apply it to that area and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and brush away any excess.

Packaging Options For Private Label Translucent Powder

There are many packaging options when it comes to our Translucent Pressed Powder:

The Translucent Pressed Powder comes in a black matte compact, looking super sleek and timeless. It is perfect on the go and is a staple for all makeup artists or fanatics!

You also always have the option to do custom packaging if you were to source your own compacts and we can do the filling for you at a minimum, this is a great way to have your own look when private labeling your cosmetics.

Our Translucent Pressed Powders have a magnetic back so you can purchase just the refills and it will fit perfectly in your palettes! If you wanted to create your own palette you definitely can, our Translucent Pressed Powder refills are the same size as our Bronzers, Cream Foundation, Sheer Glo’s, and Dual Powder.

So you can really customize a whole complexion palette for your customer! It will be one of a kind and unique to them! With our no minimum business model and high-quality ingredients, our Translucent Pressed Powder will be super easy to introduce them and they will fall in love!

Everyone can use it and it is truly an extraordinary product so what are you waiting for? Enquire today about private labeling one of the best translucent powders in the market!

Translucent Powder FAQ's
How do you apply the Translucent Pressed Powder?

You can use any brush or sponge when applying our translucent powder!

Can any skin complexion use this Translucent Pressed Powder?

Yes, Of course! There is no color so any skin complexion can use it.

Does the Translucent Pressed Powder have any flashback when taking pictures?

Not at all, our chemist formulated this translucent pressed powder to prevent any sort of flashback when taking photos!

Is the Translucent Pressed Powder mattifying?

Yes! That is the biggest feature of the pressed powder, this will mattify your skin prevent any shine.

Can you use the Translucent Powder on its own?

Of course! This is a multi-purpose product and can be used in so many ways.

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