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Its great to see you are interested in Private Label Cosmetics, Jordane Cosmetics has been manufacturing color cosmetics for over 35 years at our facility located in  Toronto, Ontario Canada. We are a manufacturer of high end cosmetics products that are hypoallergenic, paraben free and non-comedogenic.   

Private label process with Jordane Cosmetics is seamless and simple.

Research research research.  You need to do your research with Jordane Cosmetics and other private label companies. We are so confident with our products that we want you to conduct comparison tests. Our high end cosmetics has helped us excel in the industry and also kept our customers coming back. We are proud to say we have 98% retention with our private label customers.

            With a no minimum business model entering into the private label industry is affordable and also makes sense. Why buy items that are not popular for you to sell. Jordane Cosmetics allows you to buy only what you need and the quantities you want.

 Now you’re ready to get started, from here you will need to


  1. Review our Catalogue
  2. Get a price lsit and see how affordable it is to start your own line
  3. Ask our representatives lots of questions, no question is a bad question. It better you understand about the full process before ordering.

Thank you

Jordane Cosmetics

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