Sculpt It 2-oz Kit

$36.50 $29.00


Sculpt It 2-oz Kit

$36.50 $29.00

Sculpt-it is a Bio-medical grade silicone modeling and casting compound curing to a soft and stretchy elastomer. It is used to create 3-D effects such as scars, cuts, moles etc. on the skin. Sculpt-It is very flexible and buildable, can be formed directly on the skin or cast in a mold. It cures rapidly and requires no heat to cure. More durable than any gelatin, and will not break down from heat or perspiration. You can use Jordane Alcohol Activated Palette to paint on top of cured product, which will not crack, flake or chip.


Main Benefits :

---  Enables  to apply the Jordane  "Sculpt It" Mix easily and directly to the skin without creating any moulds or without doing any life casts..

---- Very flexible can be used on elbow's and knuckles without cracking.

--- Cures in minutes

--- Cured product can be painted with alcohol palettes

--- Can use 99% Alcohol to smooth edges.

--- Made in Canada.





Its physical contact with certain materials such as Latex, Sulfur clays and Tin silicone will be incompatible and can affect cure time. Sensitivity of such materials only exists while the silicone is in an uncured state.


Direction to Use:


Mix Parts A & B (1:1 ratio by eye) thoroughly. Use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a flat brush to smooth and model the material.

Do not cross-contaminate part A with part B. Even screwing the wrong lid on the wrong jar can cause this product to cure.


Available in 2oz,4oz, 8oz  kits.  (Call us for custom size order).