Private Label BB Cream Supplier

BB Cream also known as blemish balm is a multi-purpose skincare and cosmetics product! BB cream is an alternative for your foundation, tinted moisturizer and concealer and that is why it is an all-in-one. Our BB Cream is super lightweight, oil-free and has high levels of active skincare ingredients to help smooth and hydrate your skin. Our BB Cream is a light coverage and we have 4 shades to choose from! Say hello to flawless and natural skin!
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Private Label BB Cream Foundation

Looking for the perfect everyday product? Something you can apply quickly for work or a day out and still be able to cover those stubborn blemishes or breakouts? Well look no further because our BB Cream is exactly what you need!

Our BB Cream is a multi-purpose cosmetics and skincare product. It is super versatile because it can be used in replacement of a foundation, tinted moisturizer and/or concealer! 


Vegan BB Cream Ingredients:

Our BB Cream has high levels of Active Ingredients that makes our formula so unique!

Along with it being natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan there are many ingredients that are in the formula to make it one of the BEST BB Creams in the market.


  •         Multi-Peptide Complex - contains amino acids which help rejuvenate collagen and boost the growth in each layer of the skin
  •         Seaweed Extract – a nourishing and purifying agent. It restores the pH in your skin and promote collagen
  •         Chamomile Extract – helps calm and soothe the skin reducing any redness. It is very beneficial for people with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
  •         Vitamin E – a very powerful antioxidant. 
  •         Vitamin A – another powerful antioxidant that helps decrease signs of aging but also boost the collagen production
  •         Sodium Hyaluronate - this helps protect the skins from any wounds or burns. Also helps relieve any itching, good for all skin types!
  •         Hyaluronic Acid – improves elasticity and keep skin looking plump and young


All these ingredients infused in our BB Cream makes it so special! These ingredients work their magic ever after it is applied. It also helps protect your skin from the sun, UVA and UVB. The formula is super silky that it doesn’t clog your pores but minimizes the appearance of them! Our BB Cream is oil-free so it controls shine but still leave your skin looking bright.


How to use BB Cream for Flawless Skin:


Once your skin is moisturized, dispense 1 pump or 1.5 pump into your fingers/sponge/brush and dab onto your skin! Blend it out and for long lasting results use our Translucent Pressed Powder to set the BB Cream.


Tips and Tricks:


Since our BB Cream is multi-purpose you can use it in so many ways!

  •         For a full glam makeup look you can apply our BB Cream prior to foundation. This will give extra hydration to your skin and also be a perfect base.
  •         Forgot your Primer? No worries! Our BB Cream has the same properties as a primer so you don’t need to use an extra product.
  •         Breaking out? Use our BB cream as a spot-corrector to cover any blemishes or breakouts.
  •         Caught a tan? Mix 2 of our BB Creams for the perfect but temporary shade.



We have 4 shades available and you always have the option to create your very own shade!

  1.       Light
  2.       Medium
  3.       Tan
  4.       Dark


BB Cream in Wholesale Packaging


Our BB Cream comes in a beautiful and classy black bottle! It holds 20 ml and has a black base and lid.

The middle is clear so you can see exactly which shade it is and your Logo will look beautiful printed on!

As always you have the option to source your own packaging and our production can fill it for you (with minimums)


Save yourself some time and get some extra sleep by adding our BB Cream to your routine! This 1 step product is perfect for every day and traveling. It gives you’re a skin a smooth, hydrated, brightened look and feel.

With our no minimum business model and high quality ingredients your customers will love this product after they see the results of having it on all day!

So what are you waiting for, inquire today on getting started or adding our BB Cream into your cosmetics and skincare line. Say hello to flawless skin!

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BB Cream FAQs
What is a BB Cream?

BB Cream is also known as blemish balm! It is light coverage and can cover any stubborn blemishes or breakouts!

How many BB Cream shades are there?

We have 4 shades available. Light, Medium, Tan and Dark!

Which Skin Type can use BB Cream?

ALL skin types! It is oil-free.

How do you apply BB Cream?

That is your own preference! You can apply it with your fingers, a beauty sponge or brush.

Am I able to create my own shade?

Absolutely! There are minimums with that. Please contact 1 our Account Managers to get more information on that.

Do you need to use a Primer before applying the BB Cream?

Not at all! Our BB Cream has priming properties so you will be saving that extra step!