Private Label Lip Liners

Imagine applying a Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick without a Lip Pencil, that’s right you can’t imagine it! Our private label Lip Pencils are a necessity when it comes to applying any lip products. With over 50 shades to choose from you will be able to achieve a defined lip line and accentuate your overall shape! Our Lip Pencils are super creamy and long-lasting, they are even water-resistant! Your customers will be so excited to have come across the best lip pencils in the market!
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Uses Of Wholesale Private Label Lip Liners Or Lip Pencils

The number 1 product to ensure you get a clean and crisp line for your lipstick and/or liquid lipstick is a Lip Pencil and luckily we have the best wholesale lip liners on the market! Lip Pencils are like a primer for your foundation, using a private label Lip Pencil will make sure to give you long-lasting results so you won’t have to touch it up throughout the day or after having a meal! Lip Pencils work great as a barrier to keep any lipstick or liquid lipstick from bleeding and act as a guard to prevent any smudging.

Our Lip Pencils are natural, paraben-free and cruelty-free. They are super creamy, soft and water-resistant!

How To Use Private Label Lip Pencils:

Once you have prepped your lips, make sure your lips are hydrated (our lip scrub and lip conditioner are great lip treatments) and make sure your Lip Pencil is sharpened. Trace your lip and even enhance the shape of your lip (if wanted) with our Lip Pencil and top it off with the matching lipstick, liquid lipstick or gloss!

Tips & Tricks of Wholesale Lip Liners:

Lip Pencils are so versatile and you can truly use it in so many ways, here are some tips and tricks.

  • When applying the Lip Pencil, move your chin up and down to see from all angles
  • Forgot your lipstick or liquid lipstick? You can apply our Lip Pencil all over! Just simply color them in and the formula is super creamy so it won’t leave your lips dry.
  • Achieve that ombre look by using a darker color Lip Pencil than the lipstick or liquid lipstick. This will appear for larger lips.
  • Our Lip Pencils are so precise so you can definitely over line your lips, say goodbye to lip fillers!
  • Want to add more depth to your lips? After you apply your lipstick/liquid lipstick, take our Lip Pencil and apply a bit extra on the upper and lower corners. This will give you that pout!
  • Always apply our Lip Pencil at a 45 degree angle, this position will ensure that you don’t have any jagged or harsh lines.

We have over 50 shades of Lip Pencils to choose from that match our lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. You can sell them as a set/kit to your customers so you really can’t go wrong!

With our, no minimum business model, high-quality product and competitive pricing you will be so excited to introduce our Lip Pencils to your line and your customers will be amazed! It is a necessity and mandatory product to be used with lipstick and liquid lipsticks but since it performs well on its own it’s an added bonus! So what are you waiting for? Enquire today about private labeling our Lip Pencils!

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Wholesale Lip Liners FAQ
Are the Lip Pencils retractable?
Nope! They are sharpen-able. Super sanitary and keeps the longevity of the Lip Pencil
Is the formula of the Lip Pencil creamy?
Yes, the Private label lip liner is very silky smooth and creamy!
Can the Lip Pencil be worn on its own?
Of course! You can use its own and apply wholesale lip liner all over the lips.
Is the wholesale Lip Pencil no minimum water-resistant?
Yes, Private label lip pencil no minimum is water-resistant.