Private Label Alcohol Activated Makeup Palette

Looking for the perfect product to showcase all of your skills and artistic ability? A wholesale alcohol makeup palette product that can be used on theater/film set, for Halloween and Special FX?! Well, look no further because our private label Alcohol Activated Makeup Palettes are exactly what your kit needs! Luxury alcohol activated makeup Available at top alcohol activated makeup distributor in 16 different types, original and mini size we have it all!
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Private Label Alcohol Activated Makeup Manufacturers

Looking to showcase your Special FX skills? Something that is easy to apply, blend-able and long-lasting? Well look no further because our wholesale private label Alcohol Activated Palettes are EXACTLY what you are looking for! There are many different ways that you can use our white label Alcohol Palettes and you can get so many different looks with it. These luxury palettes are perfect for Makeup Artists to get those basic to advance creations. Our private label alcohol activated makeup palettes are highly pigmented and waterproof so no touch-ups necessary!

 How to Use Private Label Alcohol Activated Palettes?

Our wholesale vegan Alcohol Activated Palettes come dry and they need to be activated. Any guesses with what? You got it, it is Alcohol! Specifically and only 99% Alcohol. Lower concentrations of alcohol and water won’t work.

You can apply the pigment in so many different ways depending on the type of look and coverage you need, this is where your expertise comes into effect!

You can use a brush that is saturated with alcohol and dab it into the pan to get that more “stippled effect”

If you are wanting a more pigmented look with full coverage than you can spray the alcohol directly on the pan and pick up the product with a sponge.

The best way to remove the makeup is to use more alcohol, this will help breakdown and dissolve the makeup on the skin so that you can easily scrub it off. It can leave some stains and take a couple of days but that is totally normal!

What Are The Key Ingredients Of Private Label Alcohol Activated Palettes:

Our wholesale Alcohol Activated Palettes are water-proof, hence why it is the top and best-selling products to be used on set. It is hard to remove but that is what makes it so unique and one of a kind!

It is also suitable for all skin types as it doesn’t give irritation.

Key Ingredients: Alcohol Denat. Gum Rosin, Methylcellulose, Isostearyl Alcohol.

These palettes are also paraben-free! 

Types Of Wholesale Alcohol Makeup Palette:

We have created these palettes so that you can achieve any and every type of look! Zombie, trauma, bruises, you name it and we have created it!

We have 16 types of palettes to choose from and both are available in original size and medium size. Perfect for your makeup kit or for traveling!

These are the 16 that we have:

S. No Types of palettes
1 Baldie alcohol activated makeup palettes
2 Battered alcohol activated makeup palettes
3 Blondie alcohol activated makeup palettes
4 Dark Flesh alcohol activated makeup palettes
5 Flesh Tone 1 alcohol makeup palettes
6 Flesh Tone 2 alcohol makeup palettes
7 Flesh Tone 3 alcohol makeup palettes
8 Full Metal alcohol makeup palettes
9 Ghostly alcohol makeup palettes
10 Special FX Live alcohol activated makeup palettes
11 Muddy Dirty Tang alcohol activated makeup palettes
12 Rotter Zombie alcohol activated makeup palettes
13 Shades of Death alcohol activated makeup palettes
14 Tattoo Effects alcohol activated makeup palettes
15 Total Hair alcohol activated makeup palettes
16 Dark Trauma alcohol makeup palettes


Private Labeling Of Alcohol Activated Palettes From Alcohol Activated Makeup Manufacturers :

Are you interested in Private Labeling our Alcohol Activated Palettes? We got you!

Our palettes are available to Private Label with a small minimum of 100 palettes each type. Sell it under your business and start making a profit!

 Allow your creative side to blossom and create those head-turning looks with our Alcohol Activated Palettes. With these palettes, you can really achieve any look!

What are you waiting for? Inquire and try them today!


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