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Are you looking for natural soap wholesale suppliers for the products that leave your skin feeling super clean and refreshed? Look no further. Introducing Nature's Own Cosmetics as a natural soap wholesale for all-natural face and body bar soaps. Hydration, brightening, rejuvenating, and exfoliating private label wholesale natural soap bars are available in 7 exclusive formulas and aromas for any preference. Pick one or two; we have a body bar soap to meet your skin's needs!
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Introduction Of Private Label Natural Soap Wholesale

Are you on a quest for natural soap wholesale suppliers for a body bar soap that does not leave you with sticky residue? A body bar soap that deep cleans your skin while leaving it smooth and hydrated? Well now is the time to introduce you to Nature’s Own Cosmetics All-Natural Face and Body Bar Soaps. Our mild formula does wonders for your skin and is full of essential nutrients and vitamins for even the most sensitive skin.

As a luxury natural soap supplier, we natural soap companies offer 7 different exclusive formulas to meet any skin type needs. All-natural soap, wholesale natural soap bars have a blend of natural plant-based ingredients and are chemical-free without artificial colorants and parabens. These versatile bulk natural soap bars can be used as a body bar, face soap, shaving soap, or hand soap for women and men alike. With the warm aroma and the richest lather that will meet your need for a luxurious product to pamper your skin. You may have a difficult time picking only one.

Types of Wholesale Natural Soap Bars

Organic Coconut & Shea Butter Bar Private Label Natural Soap:

Our Organic Coconut and Shea Butter Bar Soap for Dry to Sensitive skin are formulated with goat’s milk. The milk exfoliates your skin naturally, leaving you feeling refreshed and silky. This formula is infused with Organic Coconut Oil which moisturizes and heals dry damaged skin. Soothing skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and other skin irritations. Our bulk natural soap wholesale with no minimum also helps remove blemishes and fade scarring caused by acne. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks, while firming the skin. The absorption of natural vitamins and fatty acids in the shea butter makes your skin nourished and moisturized. The coconut scent will remind you of a luxurious vacation in paradise.

Charcoal Bar Soap:

Our private label natural Charcoal Bar Soap for all skin types is formulated using natural ingredients. Charcoal cleans and replenishes the skin. Our Charcoal Bar Soap is used to prevent the spread of disease. It has a disinfecting effect without being dangerous. Active charcoal goes deep in the skin to draw out body odors and deodorizes skin. Dissolves dull, dry skin and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. Unclogging pores and releasing pimples. This high-quality plant-based natural soap wholesale will leave your skin feeling clean, supple, and smooth with the fragrance of Lavender, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, and Rosewood.

Turmeric Bar Soap:

Get Our private label Turmeric Bar Soap for all skin types and skin discoloration is a natural anti-bacterial agent and helps deliver Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin. Providing help with acne and restoring skin to its natural healthy radiance. Like our Charcoal formulation, get wholesale natural soap bars from natural soap companies, this private label private label natural soap Bar will deep clean the pores of your skin and remove the most stubborn dirt. Full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and goat’s milk to soothe and hydrate the most sensitive of skin. The Turmeric Bar Soap will even out your complexion while brightening your skin. Pamper yourself with a Bar Soap that rinses off easily and leaves no residue behind.

Vitamin E Sunflower Bar Soap:

Our Vitamin E Sunflower Bar Soap for Oily to Acne-prone skin is formulated with natural Sunflower wax beads which provides a gentle exfoliation leaving you with a luxurious after feeling and refines skin texture. Eliminating dead cells and rough skin while keeping the skin moisturized. Infused with Vitamin E & Sunflower Oil to help oily skin, control acne, and kill bacteria. The antioxidant properties of Sunflower Oil help to prevent early signs of aging. The Vitamin E in this product helps protect the collagen and elastin in the skin as well as reducing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Helping improve the skin’s texture and nourishes for a smooth, supple result. This formula helps reduce the look of stretch marks and varicose veins.

Lime Vitamin C Bar Soap:

Our Lime Vitamin C Bar Soap for Normal to Oily Combination skin is formulated with antiseptic properties which help remove bacteria, excess oils that clog pores while helping to remove dead cells and impurities, leaving only smooth and moisturized skin. It removes dirt, oil, and makeup, keeping skin feeling clean and soft. This formula also improves the look of dark spots for a clear and bright complexion. While lessening the presence of existing scars, wrinkles, and blemishes. The crisp, refreshing fragrance lifts and revitalizes the skin to its cleanest state yet.

Tea Tree Bar Soap:

This Natural Tea Tree Bar Soap for all skin types and gentle enough for sensitive skin is enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Lavender Oil with farm-fresh goat’s milk, helps in making it even more gentle and mild. This Bar Soap helps clear acne and blemishes while it rejuvenates, soothes, moisturizes dry skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, unplugs pores, and relieves athlete’s foot. Our formula also soothes burns, cuts, and insect bites while keeping your skin moisturized. With anti-inflammatory properties, it also soothes sore muscles and joint pain. This natural disinfectant also helps following hair removal and controls razor bumps and ingrown hair. With Anti-Bacterial healing and hydrating to make this your all-in-one Bar Soap.

Exfoliating Apricot Bar Soap:

Created with Apricot seed powder for natural and gentle exfoliation, leaves you with a lush after-feel providing a sensory indicator of success. Infused with Lemongrass oil to help control acne, oily skin, and kill bacteria. This gentle formula forms a film on the skin’s surface to stop excessive moisture loss and leaves the skin restored, smooth, and glowing. Provides deep pore cleansing to remove impurities in the pores and remove excess oil to tighten skin. Removing dark spots and blemishes, while moisturizing and healing dry damaged skin. Natural Exfoliating Beads provide a moderate exfoliation.

These unique formulas come packaged in our professional matte black box with a customizable label to showcase your company’s logo with the key product features of the soap. We provide natural soap wholesale products at an affordable price among all the natural soap companies in Canada. Try yours today!