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Are you looking for a private label glitter lip gloss wholesaler & manufacturers? A white label lip gloss beauty product that gives the glossy finish but with also a hint of shimmer or glitter? Look no further because our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss is exactly what you’re looking for! Let your hair down and get ready to have a fun night out or if the day betters your fancy. You can’t avoid having fun with the wholesale glitter lip gloss product. Our white label glitter lip gloss is available in 9 amazing shades, and it is the perfect item to have in your makeup kit or your cosmetics brand because it will make you stand out!
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Buy Luxurious Wholesale Glitter Lip Gloss in Bulk to Get Natural & Effortless look 

Are you looking for a wholesale private label glitter lip gloss in The USA or Canada that has a WOW factor, is multidimensional, long-lasting and hydrating? You are at the right place because our wholesale glitter lip gloss is truly a one of a kind and a very unique product to carry in your cosmetics line! Our private label custom wholesale glitter lip gloss has small specs of shimmer/glitter and gives a super glossy finish. It truly completes the whole makeup look. Because of the dimensional effect, the luxury glitter lip gloss private label reflects in different lightings! Our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss leaves the lips feeling smooth, hydrated and ultra-glossy. The shimmer/glitter is crushed into super fine particles within the formula. Our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss is perfect and top sellers for the holidays! This formula also instantly makes the lips look smoother and fuller. When wearing our wholesale glitter lip gloss you can get the natural and effortless look or these can complete your makeup look and really change your lip game!

Different Shades Of Wholesale Private Label Glitter Lip Gloss

There are many shades available for our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss, we have 9 to choose from! You can mix 2 shades to create your own and as always there is the option to create your own white label glitter lip gloss shade only exclusive to you! All of our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss shades look flattering on all skin tones.

These are the shades available:

  • Zodiac– light pink/purple tone
  •  Neptune– blue-purple tone
  •  Luna– white/frosted tone
  •  Spacesuit– rose gold tone
  •  Solar– bright coral tone
  •  Outer space– purple tone
  •  Earth– light coral/orange tone
  •  Venus– light pink tone
  •  Pluto– teal/blue tone

How To Use Wholesale Glitter Lip Gloss/Application:

Get ready for a fun evening or a spectacular day with this fun and spunky luxury glitter lipgloss for glossy lips, our wholesale private label glitter lip gloss can be used on its own for iridescent sheen or layered on top of our Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick. Just apply a generous amount all over the lips and BAM! It can be touched up throughout the day as well!

Everything that you were looking for in a lipgloss just came true, with mesmerizing glitter qualities out  Galactic Glosses have many amazing ingredients in the formula. It is infused with Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. This makes the wholesale glitter lip gloss hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing! Along with that our Galactic Gloss is natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan!

JojobaOil – What a great way to lock in moisture for your lips, Jojoba oil is great for chapped lips or just to rejuvenate your lips to feel smooth and silky.

Avocado Oil – A natural peptide that encourages collagen and glycosaminoglycan growth and will firm and smooth your lips. A great product to balance natural oils combines with a rich source of fatty acid

Olive Oil – Another great ingredient to protect your lips for getting chapped, the oil will infuse into your lips and lock in the moisture so your lips can sustain the harsh elements

Coconut Oil – Another great ingredient to keep your lips moisturized, this is essential for lips as your lips have a very thin layer of skin. Coconut oil is also an emollient

There are many tips and tricks when it comes to using our Galactic Gloss:

  • It can be used on its own, you can also use our Lip Plumper prior to plump up the lips
  • Apply our Galactic Gloss on top of our Liquid Lipstick or Lipstick
  • To have a sharper edge use our Lip Pencil prior to have a more of a prominent outline
  • It can be used on the high points of the face like a cream highlighter!

Packaging Of Custom Glitter Lip Gloss 

Our Galactic Gloss comes in a beautiful silver lid tube. Looks super classy and timeless. The Logo gets printed on the clear part of the tube. Another option is you can source your own packaging and our production can fill the tubes for you!


Our Galactic Glosses are an amazing product to add to your line! It is suitable for all ages and so diverse. It can be used in so many different ways and just takes the look to a whole new level. It is the perfect add on to any other lip products. With our no minimum business model and high quality product, your customers will be amazed with the Galactic Glosses!

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Galactic Gloss FAQ's
What is Galactic Gloss?

Our Hydrating Holographic Lip Gloss has tiny specs of shimmer that gives a dimensional look! this question on the Galactic Gloss page.

How many shades are available?

There are 9 shades available and you can also create your own unique shade!

What is the difference between Galactic Gloss and Lip Gloss?

Our Galactic Gloss has more of a sheer coverage with shimmer while our Lip Gloss is more pigmented and has a solid base!

How can the Galactic Gloss be worn?

Our Galactic Gloss can be worn in many ways! It can be worn on its own, on top of our Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick!

Are the Galactic Glosses sticky?

Not at all! It is super glossy and slightly tacky to ensure it lasts all day.

Can you mix the Galactic Glosses?

Of course! You can use 2 shades to create your own.

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