Private Label Vegan Setting Spray

Looking for that finishing touch to your makeup routine? Introducing Nature’s Own Cosmetics makeup setting spray. This lightweight setting spray not only helps reduce any excess oil your skin can cause throughout the day but will also hydrate your skin leaving it feeling highly refreshed. Infused with multiple clean ingredients, this unique formula makes it the best makeup setting spray to help prolong the life of your makeup application!
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Looking for an all-in-one product that primes, sets, and refreshes your skin and makeup? Introducing Nature’s Own Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray. This oil-free, vegan, and paraben-free formula not only hydrates your skin but also helps set your makeup to stay on all day and night.

Our lightweight, a quick-drying setting spray can be used under your makeup or over to set everything from powders, liquids, and creams for a smudge-proof long-lasting outcome.

Features of Makeup Setting Spray

This high-tech oil-free formula will also help absorb any excess oils and will reduce the look of shine your foundation might cause throughout the day.

Our setting spray not only helps mattify your skin for an all-over airbrushed finish but will not clog your pores preventing any future breakouts some products might cause, making it the best setting spray for oily and normal combination skin.

Infused with Bamboo extract which is rich in antioxidants. This unique formulation will help protect your skin from any oxidative stress, while also shielding it from damaging UV rays caused by the sun, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin!

This cruelty-free product is also not tested on any animals. 

Application of Best Makeup Setting Spray

For the best application, you can apply your Makeup Setting Spray prior to makeup application or overtop a completed look.

For the best application for pre-makeup use, lightly misting your skin prior to prepping with a moisturizer or primer. This will make the product work as a barrier, helping to make your foundation as long-lasting as possible.

For an overtop application after your makeup application is complete, hold your bottle about 10” from your face, and mist evenly distributing the product onto your skin.

We recommend applying 5-7 evenly sprays over your finished makeup for the best results. Please make sure to close your eyes, and mouth while applying this product.  

Nature’s Own Cosmetics setting spray can also be used to help improve eyeshadow pigmentation or glitter application. Just apply a few sprays of our cosmetic setting spray to your brush of choice. This will help your brush pick up more pigment from the product instead of applying it with just a dry brush, making for a higher pigmented, streak-free finish! Make sure your brush is only lightly dampened for the best pigmentation application.  

Private Label Makeup Setting Spray - Availability

Makeup Setting Spray is available in a sleek all matte tube with lightweight easy to use mister for the best distribution to your skin. Filled in a 4oz bottle, this product is a perfect travel size for a person who is on the go looking for a quick pick me up to their skin!  

Nature’s Own Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray would be the best addition to your line today, as this all-in-one setting spray is the perfect product to pair with your daily skincare or makeup routine.  Private Label yours today!

Setting Spray FAQ's
What skin types can use this product?

All skin types from normal, dry, and oily to even sensitive skin can use this product.

Can you apply this product multiple times throughout the day?

Yes, our Makeup Setting Spray Setting Spray can be used multiple times throughout the day, as its the lightweight formula will not clog your pores and does not build up over applications.

Is there a scent to this product?

No, there is no scent to this product.

Where is this product manufactured?

All the products shown on Nature’s Own Cosmetics website are manufactured in their facilities in Toronto, Canada. The raw materials and ingredients that are used in each formula are also all sources within...

Is this product tested on animals?

No, all the products Nature’s Own Cosmetics manufacturers are not tested on animals.

Does this product include parabens?

No, our makeup setting spray is formulated without the use of parabens and animal by-products.

Will this product make me break out?

No, our makeup setting spray formulation absorbs excess oils your skin produces throughout the day to prevent any blemishes or breakouts.

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