Concealer Sticks

Do you have a matching shade in your HD Foundation or any other face products?

Yes, all of our face product have corresponding shades across our line making it easy for customers to know that product and shade is best for them! Please see our colour chart to find the perfect match.

Will this product make me break out?

No this product is formulation to not clog your pores, and prevent break outs.

Can this product be used only on the face?

No our Full Coverage Concealer Stick is made for both the face and body, making it the best full coverage concealer stick on the market.

Is there a scent to this product?

No, there is no scent to this product.

Does this product include parabens?

No, our Full Coverage Concealer Stick is formulated without the use of parabens and animals by products.

Is this product tested on animals?

No, all the products Nature’s Own Cosmetics manufacturers are not tested on animals.

Where is this concealer stick manufactured?

All the products shown on Nature’s Own Cosmetics website are manufactured in their facilities in Toronto, Canada. The raw materials and ingredients that are used in each formula are also all sources within Canada and the United States. Our HD Canvas ...

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