Are there any other products that you can pair with this face moisturizing cream?

Yes, we do offer our anti-aging face serum and eye cream that would pair perfectly with this product for the best skincare regime.

What size is Nature’s Own Cosmetics face moisturizing cream?

All three packaging options are filled in a 50ml tube.

What skin types is the product good for?

Nature’s Own Cosmetics face moisturizing cream can be used by all skin types, even someone with sensitive skin.

What age range can use this product?

Nature’s Own Cosmetics face moisturizing cream is the perfect product for all ages. As the active ingredients work to help to repair fine lines and wrinkles.

Can this product be used day or night?

Yes, our facial moisturizer can be used in the morning and or evening during your skincare regime.

Where is this product manufactured?

All the products shown on Nature’s Own Cosmetics website are manufactured in their facilities in Toronto, Canada. The raw materials and ingredients that are used in each formula are also all sources within Canada and the United States.

Does this face moisturizing cream include any parabens or tested on animals?

No, our face moisturizing cream is formulated without the use of parabens and animals by-products and is not tested on animals.

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